Yoga Offerings

The practice of yoga allows you to connect with your body, to become more aware and intuitive, and to develop compassion for one’s self.  Unite the mind, body, and breath. Step away from the thinking brain and connect with your body’s innate wisdom. Replace judgement with curiosity and shift your focus from the outside world to your deep inner space. Yes, we practice asanas like downward dog, variations of warrior, squats, and child’s pose, but if you truly commit to the practice, there are many more benefits to be enjoyed.

With two decades of maintaining a regular yoga practice, and years of teaching specifically Prenatal, Postpartum, Restorative,  and Gentle Hatha Yoga, I can safely guide you through yoga practices that are tailored to your individual needs. Support your health and wellness and create space for essential self care. 

I offer private small group or one-on-one yoga sessions from the comfort of your own home in Sonoma County, CA, or via Zoom.

Please contact me for more info or to set up your personalized session(s).








Most of us work hard to keep up with the daily demands of living in this fast paced culture. My Gentle Hatha yoga classes are intended to provide an opportunity to slow down enough to feel deeply into your body, to connect mindfully with your breath, and ultimately soothe your nervous system. We will connect movement with breath, aim to strike a balance between effort and surrender, while strengthening and lengthening the body. Sessions begin and end with a short meditation. Walk away from your practice feeling more centered, grounded, peaceful, and at ease within your body.






There is no better time to establish a regular yoga practice than during pregnancy.  Many poses and movements practiced in prenatal yoga can be used during labor.  The time invested into your yoga practice also offers a sweet retreat from the daily to-dos. It’s a time to connect with your growing baby and offers space in which you can relax into the present moment, connect deeply with your body and baby and experience a sense of being centered and rejuvenated.

Benefits include:

  • A deeper connection to your body and breath
  • Alleviation of many common discomforts that arise within a rapidly changing body
  • An opportunity to practice moving intuitively
  • Feeling and breathing through strong sensations
  • Encouraging baby to move into the optimal position for birth
  • Strengthening muscles involved with childbirth
  • An opportunity to practice surrender and deep relaxation

After your baby has arrived and you feel ready to resume gentle movement, postpartum yoga can be of great support to you as a new mother. Reconnect with your body, the muscles of the pelvic floor and core, open the chest and shoulders, strengthen and lengthen the spine, and re-establish a routine of self-care. Postpartum yoga sessions can include baby, or we can just focus on you.  Your practice, your choice.





This is the yoga of “being’ vs. the yoga of “doing.” Classes begin with a centering meditation and gentle movement, followed by fully supported poses which are held anywhere from five to fifteen minutes. Props such as bolsters, blocks, blankets, and straps are used to achieve optimal support in each pose so that you may relax completely. While anyone can benefit from a restorative yoga practice, this practice is especially beneficial for those recovering from injuries, working with health conditions, pregnant women, new parents, or anyone in need of deep rest and a healing, nurturing practice.