Doula Support



You deserve to feel fully supported on your path toward and into parenthood. Birth is an intimate and sacred event. As your doula, my intention is to provide you with authentic guidance, connect you with relevant resources, help you connect with your inner resources and strength, and to support your partnership (if there is one). We will meet several times throughout your pregnancy so that we can get to know each other, building trust and a deep understanding of your needs, as you travel the unpredictable terrain of pregnancy and birth. Whether you are birthing in the hospital, at a birth center, or at home, my job is to listen to your vision, support your choices, and offer guidance as necessary, so that you may have a satisfying and empowering birth experience.

If you are interested in my Birth Doula Care, I offer a complimentary consultation (one hour or less) where we can meet and see if we are a good fit.  If something does not feel quite right, I am happy to refer you to other doulas within the Sonoma County birth community.


Once your baby arrives, if you feel like you are needing an extra hand or two with household duties, such as running errands, meal prep, doing laundry or dishes, making sure dogs get walked, breastfeeding support, or just someone to hold your baby while you take a shower or a nap, you may consider my Postpartum Doula Care.

To learn more about my Birth and Postpartum Doula Care, please visit contact me today!